When it comes to debt, think A to Z.

Our unique approach offers you TOTAL SOLUTIONS to manage debt, whether you are an individual, a business or a financial institution. Hundreds of clients have benefited from our legal and professional expertise in finding innovative solutions for handling debt. Experience the difference A to Z delivers – contact us now, your first consultation is FREE, with no obligations.

Total Debt Solutions For


At AtoZ, we offer total solutions to relieve individuals like you of the burden of debts, and at the same time mend and maintain a cordial and healthy relationship with creditors. We specialize in solutions for people who have difficulty in managing their debts including credit cards, personal loans and vehicle loans.

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AtoZ has the expertise to offer strategic advice to corporates that help in paying off their debts either by restructuring, consolidating and rescheduling the instalment amounts through effective negotiations with creditors or by taking other necessary steps in lieu of the recovery proceedings that may have already been initiated.

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A2Z is not your typical collection agency. We do not use expensive phone systems and dialers. We do not employ field collection agents. Our speciality is in identifying customers with the highest payment potential and then settling with each customer on a one-to-one basis. Using typical collection agencies is like using a shotgun, in the hope that at least part of the target is executed. Using A2Z is more like using a sniper rifle. This unique approach is called Responsive Collection.

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Our Services

A TO Z DEBT COLLECTION offers Complete Debt Solutions, to individuals and corporate entities, as well as to banks and other financial institutions. Our services encompass all matters arising out of debt, from negotiation and restructuring to consolidation and settlement to debt advisory services.
All our services are delivered by experienced debt management professionals and associate UAE lawyers.

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