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We can resolve almost any debt-related issue for you. For individuals, we help manage credit card debts and loans. We can help close outstandings, reduce payment burdens, negotiate on your behalf, restructure repayments and use our expertise to make you debt-free. For businesses, we help recover debts, restructure liabilities and assist in finance-related legal matters. In short, our services extend across all kinds of debts. Talk to us for a free consultation, and you will realize how we can help you.
A2Z operates in a professional and considerate manner, respecting the dignity of all and acting strictly within the spirit of the law of the land. Our expertise is fine-tuned over years of practice and is available equally to all clients. Every client gets treated with the same care and attention. You will have in-house access to legal assistance through our panel of lawyers. We will use the latest and intelligent methods to help you achieve your financial and life goals. By the end of the day, we are single-minded in our purpose – make people debt-free in the easiest way possible.
Debt collection is the process of collecting debts owed to you without using the formal legal system. When efforts at debt collection fail, the last resort is a legal action, which involves approaching the courts and filing cases, and so on. We always recommend debt collection as the preferred option as it allows you to keep communicating with the debtor and negotiating humanely to recover the debt. Legal action is more drastic, and it can take a long time to get results, and even after a judgment, it may not always guarantee to recover the debt.
We operate to schedules and deadlines in all our dealings. When we take on a customer's requirement, we chart out an approximate timeline to resolve the debt issue. The time taken will always vary from case to case. In some cases, we may be able to offer a resolution within a matter of days. While in other cases, it may take months. If the case involves any legal action, it may take much longer to see results.
A2Z has in-house legal counsel and associated UAE lawyers and law firms whose services are available to all our clients. Our operations get headed by a legal expert assisted by financial experts. When you require formal legal aid, we will arrange it for you, and you may settle the legal fees directly with the lawyer you choose for your case.
A2Z can help with collecting debts owed to you by customers. Our services have been utilized by all types of businesses, from car rental firms to real estate firms to big companies. Our basic approach to collecting corporate debts is to meet with the debtor and negotiate a fair deal for both parties, and this approach gets shown to work for our clients. This way, we are confident that you will recover your debts while your debtor can repay them without too much inconvenience.
We have had many clients coming to us with heavy debt burdens, where the total repayments far exceed their income. We can negotiate with banks on your behalf, restructuring your debts, lowering monthly repayments where possible, closing debts with discounts, and performing other services that will help lower your monthly burdens.
We can certainly help you with cheque-bounce cases filed by banks. We will help you try and get the case withdrawn if possible. If not that, then we can help you tackle the case in the best way possible. If necessary, we will also arrange for legal representation through our associate law firms.
We have a lot of experience in negotiating with financial institutions on behalf of our clients. We can help you by discussing all possible solutions with your bank, offering alternatives that are ideal for your situation, and help you restructure or close your liabilities as per your financial capacity.