Credit Card and Bank Debt Division

A2Z understands that people drowned in credit card debt or other bank-related debts need debt counseling and professional service to settle them amicably with banks to avoid legal action, travel ban, and negative remarks in their credit score. Hence, A2Z has created a separate department to help all Credit Card Debt Settlement and other bank debtors to pay off their dues and live a debt-free life. We also help avoid all legal action against them. We help bank-defaulters find the most peaceful way to settle with maximum negotiations without escalating to legal actions.

At A2Z, the debt relief professionals evaluate each client's financial conditions and requirements. It assists in finding possible solutions for paying off debts without disturbing their necessary family expenses in terms of their regular income. Under the guidance of A2Z's bank debt negotiation experts, debtors can find debt-free advice for themselves by getting the penal interest, delay charges, legal costs, and other charges waived off. Under the guidance of legal advisors and negotiation experts, A2Z helps defaulters to avail all the legal and practical solutions before taking any step or starting to pay back their debts and to lead a debt-free life forever.

With Credit Collection Agency like A2Z, run-away debtors can also come back to the UAE for a better life and pursue their careers. Since A2Z gets managed by legal professionals, we have all expertise to clear travel bans, arrest orders, and all such orders under the banks' legal actions against debtors initiated with the help of our in-house legal advisors and experts. Furthermore, we present suitable payment plans to our clients for credit card debt settlement, waiving unnecessary interest,Credit Collection Agencypenal interest, and other costs. With the expert service of A2Z, one gets help for counseling, negotiations, consolidations, settling debts, restructuring debts, and all legal assistance to clear the legal actions and travel block initiated by the banks.  

A2Z's personal debt relief solutions department helps debtors live a life without any financial stress and lead a debt-free life. We support debtors in managing credit card debts and other bank debts. Our services include negotiating settlements, restructuring repayments, and debt consolidation. We also help debtors returning to UAE who face or threaten to face legal action or police cases and assist them in clearing cheque bounce cases with police or criminal court and civil cases effectively.

Other services we offer include accident compensation, Diyah money, and insurance claims. We can also help employees collect salaries and other dues from their employers.