AtoZ offers the entire gamut of services ranging from collection of debts to clearance of all liabilities due to debts. Below is a list of our AtoZ services. If the service you are looking for is not listed here, please contact us. All our services are available across all parts of the UAE.

Settlement of credit cards, personal loans and vehicle loans with bank/financier
Accident compensation (road, traffic, work-related, etc) cases
Recovery of employee’s dues or unpaid salary from the employer
Family debt settlement and recovery
Real estate debt settlement and recovery
Cheque bounce & criminal cases
Recovery of Diyah money in accident or other death cases
Recovery of commercial and civil debts
Recovery of rents from tenants
Recovery & settlement of credit card debts
Mortgage payment collection
Construction and maintenance debt collection
Trade debt collection
Retail business debt collection
Travel related debt collection
Healthcare related debt collection
Insurance claim collection
Debt Counseling
Drafting of Agreements
Debt Negotiation